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The so-called intelligent residential quarters, is that through the functional subsystems integrated configuration within a residential district, based in cabling, network technology to achieve a variety of new residential area in the district of intelligent device management.

Ministry of Construction for the residential area of intelligent proposed basic concepts, namely "is the use of intelligent residential district 4C (ie computers, communications and networking, automation, IC card) technology, through effective transport network, the multi-information services and management property management and security, domestic intelligence system integration, to provide high-tech services and management tools for intelligent residential quarters, in order to achieve fast and efficient premium services and management, to provide a safe, comfortable home environment. "
The overall objective of the Intelligent Community Project is: in advanced computer technology, communication technology, control technology and IC card technology based on the use of system integration methods, and gradually establish a communication within the district residents and tenants, tenants and community service centers, residents and external social interactive multimedia integrated information systems, and provide tenants with a safe, comfortable, convenient, energy efficient living environment, the realization of intelligent home-based, sustainable development, with a 21st century style of the intelligence community.
How truly intelligent residential district system for its technical principle of a deeper understanding of how to really be able to independently Intelligent Residential System Design? Many companies can not currently be done handy. Learn from successful experiences of many years of technical training on intelligence, CHF smart home technology training center will be fully residential area of intelligent systems technology and intelligent residential area system design training activities in the country, to provide people with intelligent understanding of professional the technical principle, intelligent residential area system design platform residential district system, the Intelligent Community to promote universal access to technology.
Intelligent home control functions and methods
==Remote control==
No matter which room in the house, with a remote control can control all the lights, curtains, air conditioning, stereo and other electrical appliances. For example, when watching TV, not because of the switch lights and pull the curtains and miss key story; the bathroom fan did not turn off, press the remote control on it. When the remote control can adjust the brightness of the lights, you can adjust the sound volume when the remote control when the remote control to pull the curtain or shutter, you can adjust the stroke, you can adjust the angle of the remote hundred screens.
== Centralized control== 
 The use of a centralized controller, do special wiring, simply plug in a 220V power outlet, you can control all the lights and electrical appliances at home, usually on the bed and sitting area. Different rooms in the home can have more than one centralized controller. Lying in bed, you can control the curtains, lighting, sound and electrical bedroom family. You can adjust the brightness of the lighting control, you can adjust the sound volume control, when to pull the curtain or shutter control, you can adjust the stroke, you can adjust the angle of the control louver blinds.
== Sensor switch== 
 In the bathroom, closet mounted sensor switch, some lights on, no lights out.
== Network switch network functions== 
A switch can control the entire network, the entire network can be controlled at any one (group) lamp or electrical appliance. Its control object can be set and changed easily fully open fully closed, the scene is set, complex multi-switch network operations functions. Foyer T network switch can be set to fulfill open the whole key, and the hall light switch; do not have to go and check it again in each room, you can just press a button to turn off all the lights and appliances when required can also be a key open all the lights. Living room T network switch can be set to a scene set key, press a key to open a set of lights, do not open them one by one. But also with the whole house stereo, air conditioning, curtains and other complex scene settings. T network switch is a variable switch, which can be freely set control object, and today is the curtain switch, tomorrow it can be set to sound off. While T-network switch or a multi-switch, the conventional switch can only achieve the same object at two positions of the control (dual-control switch), the use of T-network switch, many of the same object can be controlled at an arbitrary. You can adjust the brightness of the lighting control, you can adjust the sound volume control, when to pull the curtain or shutter control, you can adjust the stroke, you can adjust the angle of the control louver blinds.
== Local control network switches ==
All the lights and appliances can be used for local network wall switch switch control; not only to achieve intelligent, but also taking into account the majority of people looking at the wall switch habits. When the lights, the lights gradually brighten the dark, when the lights are turned off, the lights gradually dimmed by light, avoid sudden changes in brightness irritation of the eyes, to the eyes of a cushion to protect the human eye; avoid high current and temperature impact on the filament mutations protect the lamp and prolong life; whether by remote or local switch can be dimming, network switch can remember setting the brightness automatically restored when the next turn on the lights.
== Telephone remote control function==
Telephone answering machine at home and the outside world and even became the network, at any place, you can use the telephone remote control home appliances, for example, open air, closed water heaters, even while on vacation, the house lights or curtains open and close, someone let outsiders feel at home. Telephone answering machine itself is an eight centralized controller, on the bedside table, as long as the plug in 220V power outlet, you can control the home has been in bed all the lights, appliances and curtains and so on, there are dimming.
== Network-based air-conditioning and infrared control ==
Network-based air-conditioning control air conditioning controller connected to the network in the past, you can use the phone to remotely control the air conditioning, you can also use a wireless remote control to start the air conditioner in the downstairs and upstairs closed, centralized controller, timing controller, network switches, wireless sensor switch, etc. can also be controlled air conditioning a.
== Network type curtain controller== 
 Network-based controller will control the curtains curtain connected to the entire network in the past, pull the curtain or shutter control, you can adjust the stroke, you can adjust the angle of the control louver blinds. You can only use the local switch to control curtains, you can use the phone to remote control curtains, you can also use a wireless remote control in the upstairs downstairs curtains opened and closed, centralized controller, timing controllers, network switches, wireless sensor switch etc. can also be controlled curtains.
 == Programmable Timing Control==
The timing controller can be fixed on home event programming, such as curtains timer switch, timer switch heaters, etc., control TV, audio, lighting, feeding pets, etc. can be set. The timing controller itself is an eight centralized controller, on the bedside table, as long as the plug in 220V power outlet, you can control all the family has been in bed lights, appliances and curtains, etc., there are dimming. At the same time it is also time display and alarm table.
==Multi-function remote control  ==
Six and a multi-function remote control function in a set of six kinds of remote control, first of all it is a wireless remote control, you can control home lighting, curtains, air conditioning and other systems. It is also an infrared remote control, built many brands of TVs, stereos, VCD and other IR control instruction set. You can also learn two infrared remote control functions. On the coffee table in the living room, watching TV or listening to audio, a remote control you can easily remote control all devices.
== Wireless sensing probe==
Can easily be placed, can control any electrical appliances, such as outside the front door, when someone comes, it can trigger the automatic doorbell, you can also turn on the lamp, or even open sound, water heater. On the balcony, you can know if someone from the balcony trespassing.
== Whole house sound system== 
Whole house audio system can extend traditional home stereo in every room and every corner. When the balcony watering can enjoy melodious music, you can hear the radio news at morning toilet, and even in the kitchen can also be heard live broadcast. The system can sound source connected to the existing home TV, radio, VCD, DVD and stereo system; each room can be individually switch and adjust the speaker volume, without regard to power matching; system supports high-fidelity stereo technology, the sound quality is not as any processing. Use of the existing network smart home control methods, such as: remote control, centralized controllers, network switches, etc. on the speakers were on, off, adjust the volume, fully open fully closed, part of the switch, but also with lighting systems, air conditioning systems , curtains and other complex scene settings.
 == Expand and upgrade==
To expand and upgrade provides a good foundation. Can be expanded and upgraded voice control subsystem, the computer control subsystem, intelligent security subsystem, the smart access control subsystem, the smart appliances control subsystem.
Composed of intelligent home systems
From the perspective of the use of smart homes of view is composed of three using a network that is composed of a home network (HOMENET), community management network (INTRANET), international interconnection network (INTERNET). Through the full application of these three networks, it makes the network into the home, life, and to reflect the smart homes are true sense. The family of smart home system is in such a strong demand driven by the desire to produce, and it belongs to the category of home networking, precisely because it just makes people think the network on the side, everywhere, just so that people in work, study and life can make full use of network resources and advantages, efficient, convenient and secure life.
Smart home system in a variety of family communication and information-related equipment, household appliances and home security devices, connected through the family bus technology to a family of intelligent system for centralized or remote monitoring, control and management of family affairs, and family harmony and coordination to keep these facilities and residential environment. These features are the smart home system via a home network controller is not implemented, the family has a home network controller bus system to provide a variety of services through a home bus system and the outside world other than the communication of residence. It can be said, smart home system is the core of intelligent homes. Thus, an important role in the intelligent home systems in smart homes.
Smart Home system consists of:
     • smart home controller host
     • Family communication network host unit
     • Home Automation unit
     • home security unit
Smart home controller functions:
Are connected via a bus with various types of module, through a telephone line. Computer on the Internet, CATV network connected to the outside. By using PC or network television, the main user settings control commands (switch control, schedule control or joint control). In the internal clock function, and internal software program execution control according to the setting command, the command to the unit control module to convey, is coupled to various home appliances can be controlled.
Family communication network hosts:
Host families substantive communications network which is now also known as network TV Internet set-top boxes, mainly to complete the integration of Internet, computers, television features, and complete the interconnection with the district administration center. Family communication network unit by telephone communication module, the computer Internet module, CATV modules, some also have Bluetooth technology interface, in order to facilitate future equipment using Bluetooth technology into the home. PC in the United States has 40% of households, network television has reached the same penetration, accounting for about 35% of this part of the network TV users. In 1998, about 25 million units in Japan in 1998 has about 25 million units. It was expected that the market size in 2005 will reach a million units set-top boxes. Therefore, the pilot set-top box will be a combination of computer technology and home appliances, is a pioneer in digital technology. Smart home controller.
Smart home controller host by the central processor CPU, communication modules. Its main features are: By using PC or network TV, set by the user control commands (switch control, schedule control or joint control). In the internal clock function, execution control according to the setting command, the command to the unit control module to convey, is coupled to various home appliances can be controlled.

Smart home remote control of the main functions are:
Users do not need to use the PC or network TV, just press a button and be free to control home appliances can also choose voice, greatly facilitates the use of the elderly and children.
Home communication network features:
     Telephone line
     Computer Internet
     CATV line
Home security functions:
     Anti-gas (combustible gas) leak
     Anti-theft alarm
     Security Intercom
     Emergency call
Intelligent residential district connotation
With the advent of the 21st century, especially in recent years, modern high-tech and information technology (IT) is being used by intelligent building (IB) to smart residential area, and then walked home (SH). Family members of modern society is to pursue a diversified family of intelligent information and bring safe, comfortable and convenient living environment as an ideal target. Countries are "well-off urban and rural housing 2000 technology industry project implementation plan", the intelligent building a well-off demonstration area included the development direction of national priorities. Therefore necessitating the intelligent technology keen intelligence and even family residential district to intelligent direction from the intelligent building construction.
First,residential district and the family of intelligent meaning and scope
Several years ago, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia and other economically more developed countries have proposed a "smart house" (Smart Home) concept. Its goals is: "The families of various information-related communications equipment, household appliances and home security devices connected through the family bus technology (HBS) to a family of intelligent system for centralized or remote monitoring, control and family transaction management and keep them in harmony with the reconciliation of family facilities and residential environment. "We also can be understood: the family of intelligent system is constituted by an intelligent safety, comfort and convenience of information technology living space to accommodate people 21st century information society, fast-paced and remain completely open living environment with the outside world.
China has also developed from the beginning in early 1997 <off residential electrical design (standard) guidelines. "In the "Guidelines" (draft) provides a well-off residential area in electrical design, in general, should meet the following requirements:
1. The high degree of security
2. comfortable living environment
3. convenient means of communication
4. Integrated Information Services
5. The family of intelligent system
But also on the well-off residential construction and residential security, home automation and communications equipment and network configuration and other aspects of the three design criteria, namely:
1. The first level is "aspirational goals"
2. The second level is "universal goal."
3. The third level is the "minimum goal"
In recent years, with the reform of China's national economy and national housing system, it is because of the people's living standards and looming own quality improvement, as well as the information society, will lead people to revolutionize the concept of family housing needs. From the previous pursuit of physical space and luxurious living and enjoy modern decoration toward the spiritual content and direction of romantic interest in life, the pursuit of a higher level and realm. Construction CST Ronglie director Xu, very insightful description of the family home of the past three decades in terms of industrial development: "seventies whether the problem is solved; eighties is the size of the problem to solve; ninety age is the pursuit of a beautiful environment; the 21st century is the era of intelligence. "
Intelligence provided by the family, people can stay at home for electronic shopping, online medical diagnosis, visit the virtual museum and library, video on demand VOD home theater, and even remote control air conditioning equipment carried home a few miles outside temperature regulation and control of home appliances, lighting, brightness adjustment, when the security alarm (include: Burglary, fire, gas leak and SOS disease, etc.) occur in the family, family members out of the can after receiving the alarm, via telephone line query and confirm the security situation in the family. Currently there are nearly four million households in the United States to install this class "family of intelligent systems." I believe that in the 21st century, there will be more apartment buildings and residential quarters installed on this type of high-tech intelligent system products.
With intelligent technology from the building to residential, independent family households move, then reaches a kind of standard or a pattern can only be called smart or intelligent residential district family? Although as yet there is no full agreement recognition concepts and standards, but one thing may be the common view that: well-off residential area of intelligent ultimate expression of independent multi-family use of information technology (IT) in the district, and to achieve monitoring and degree (or ability) information exchange. Intelligent residential quarters (or even intelligent city) must be provided to this end support equipment, technology, and diverse sources of information related to the physical and logical level.
Principles and development of intelligent residential district functional goals, mainly in the area of intelligent building three aspects, namely: residential property management, information services and communications networks, domestic intelligence.
Second, intelligent residential property management objectives
 Intelligent residential district in achieving scientific, efficient, integrated property management development principles are: the district will depend on the modern facilities and automated systems; high-efficiency, improved energy management tools; establish a scientific and advanced management mode, for residential each family to provide quality and value-added services within the district. And implement intelligent residential property management in the function of the target.
In the function of intelligent residential district property management objectives are:
1. improve the integrated property management system;
2. Establish a centralized security management system integrated in the district;
3. Monitoring the implementation and operation of the district public electromechanical equipment maintenance management;
4. Implement the district parking access and security management;
5. Implement all households within the district unit of three tables (water, electricity meters, gas meters) of centralized data collection and statistical management fees;
6. Implement smart card (IC card) in the district's comprehensive use of functions.
Third, the Intelligent Community of integrated information services and access network functional goals
Intelligent residential district in achieving development principles of integrated information services and network are: will depend on public communications access networks, establish telephone, television and data "triple play" of the HFC access network integrated communications platform. Achieve functional goals following a comprehensive information service and HFC access network integrated communications platform:
1. Establish a comprehensive information service database within the district;
2. The establishment of the district Web server (ISP) based Intranet networks;
3. Provide "triple play" of HFC integrated access network platform.

Fourth, the Intelligent Community home security and automation capabilities goals
Intelligent residential district in the realization of intelligent residential development principles are: the installation of security will depend on each individual in the family, three metering (including IC card or remote data transmission), home appliances automation systems integration platform, as well as providing broadband high-speed communications network interface, and to achieve the goal the following functions:
1. In the area of each family unit are installed infrared alarm probe and magnetic door alarm switch, when illegal intruder alarm information transferred immediately to the residential property management center.
2. In the area of each family unit are installed emergency button, when emergencies occur Alone (such as illness assistance), the owner can press the emergency button to transfer the information to help residential property management center.
3. Install fire alarm sensor and gas in the area of each family unit leak alarm sensors, security alarm occurs when residential, the alarm information will be immediately transferred to a residential property management center.
4. In the area of each family unit are set up three tables (water, electricity, gas) automated data collection (IC card) and remote transmission equipment, enabling three tables remote automatic meter reading function.
5. Configure household appliances automation control module in the district each family unit, the use of infrared (IR) and switch (DO) control; to achieve the family room air conditioners, lighting equipment, as well as TVs and stereos and other home appliances were places of the remote control function.
6. In the area of each family unit in communication with the network interface should provide telephone, television, and computer data, with the ability and broadband high-speed information network interconnection.



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