Common closers Technical Overview

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 1. Instructions for installing door closers
Behind closed doors prior to installation, the user should read the installation instructions, install and use in accordance with installation instructions correctly.
When installing, be sure to install size, correct connection, screws should be tightened, reliable, flexible hinge points each, and the door no friction phenomenon.
The main arm according to the instructions require preloading, to ensure effective and lock the door closing force, the main arm preload, connecting rods vertical plane door (door closed) is appropriate.
2. What are chosen behind closed doors to consider when?
Before selecting closers should consider: your door weight, door width, requirements and use environment.
Door weight and door width is the premise behind closed doors to select the model, the general weight of the door small select small force model, so that one feels very relaxed when you open the door, mounted on the door also coordinated appearance, followed by the smaller products in general are more economical. Vice versa.
Regardless of the frequency of high or not to open the door, door closers must be met:
A, is the requirement closers seal better, not oil, the key is to seal technology and materials.
B, is to require longer service life behind closed doors.
After the installation so that it can ensure the long-term, regular use, reduced maintenance, updating the workload and cost, but also feel closers products bring convenience and enjoyment.
Requirements include:
1) Whether the need to open the door after door automatic stop function;
2) damping and functions: to produce quickly open the door to a certain position after damping buffer, and the damping force and scope of the buffer can adjust itself according to requirements; This function is used to prevent rapid force open a door or lock wall collision, or emergency escape prevent weight loss when people open the door and when tilted forward quickly fell to the ground.
3) Delay Slow closing: Door open position from the beginning of the largest uniform slowly closed, according to the requirements of a satisfactory stepless adjustment. Suitable for use in and out of the ordinary and crowded places, especially hospitals, the elderly, children and people with disabilities out of the gate and the channel to use.
4) closing force adjustable features: You can use the weight of the door and the door wide range of very different door installation, as well as for environmental reasons, closed places greater resistance. Stepless adjustment can freely obtain satisfactory closing force, especially in the coastal city utilities, travel constantly changing due to wind resistance of closed places.
5) Use of the environment: fire protection (fire safety requirements), antifreeze requirements (minus 35 degrees northern winter place).
3.  Door weight or size of the door?
Chosen based on the weight of the door need the door wide to select:
Model suitable for heavy door closing force range (Kg) applicable maximum door width (mm) Examples
1,15-30 950 fire doors, wood, aluminum and glass doors
2, 25-451000 fire doors, wood, aluminum and glass doors
3, 45-651100 common steel security doors, Safety Doors, etc.
4, 65-851200 common steel security doors, Safety Doors, etc.
5, 85-1201400 medium steel doors, security doors, Safety Doors
6, 120-1801500 heavy steel doors, security doors, Safety Doors
7, 150-2001600 heavy steel doors, security doors, Safety Doors
4. What precautions should I install closers?
1) Before installation, read the installation instructions.
2) Follow the steps and requirements for manual installation, select the opening direction of our offer for you to install the template or installation diagram installation dimensions;
3) After the installation is complete, check the fixing screws are tight, not loose or loose phenomenon.
4) the door open to the maximum open position, checking behind closed doors hinged jib whether the door or door frame collide and grind.
5) at the factory, all the speed and power to set behind closed doors, has been set in the normal state. If you need to adjust your speed according to the requirements regulating valve and closing force until satisfied.
6) Note: All the speed control valve can not quit (or above) the surface of the body behind closed doors to avoid the valve is under pressure to fall off, causing hydraulic oil spray, without causing damage to the door closer to normal use.
7) recommend :: in closers newly installed using 7-10 days or so, and then tighten all the screws again. If the conditions, ask a professional installer to install.
5. Now more products on the market, how to choose the right product?
Depending on the conditions, the appropriate choice of door closers, such as the northern region or country should be used in low pour hydraulic oil closers; where there is fire safety requirements, should be used in fire door closers; required power can be adjusted to close the place, selection of adjustable power door closers, etc. Of course, because the state does not currently relatively strict norms and standards, and now the market is chaotic closers, uneven quality, such as leakage rate, short life, regulating valve adjustment insensitive, hydraulic oil can not reach the fire or antifreeze etc. quality requirements. When selecting products, the proposed selection of professional manufacturers, so the quality of service can be guaranteed.



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