Hua bao Electronics factory on fire safety knowledge practic

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Risk insurance for fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, the responsibility is extremely heavy. The basic principle of "prevention first, combining anti-consumer."

As the saying goes, "Shuihuowuqing." A burning match, lighted a cigarette, if we throw anywhere, it would be no end of trouble, are more likely to bring disaster. Fire work needs everyone's common interest, understanding, support and participation, as long as we work together, work together to eliminate fire hazards, then the fire will stay away from us, our lives and property will be a strong guarantee. Fire work focuses on prevention, we should master the basic fire prevention, fire fighting and escape self knowledge, to learn how to fire, how fire, how to escape. Fire work well, the probability of fires on small fires, and if it can be promptly extinguished, the fire will not spread; grasp some basic fire prevention, fire escape common sense, in response to an emergency situation, we will be able to promptly smooth, orderly fire prevention work. A business in the market at the same time to be cost-effective, but also pay attention to safety, preventive measures, so as to achieve a secure and stable environment.
Here we Hua bao Electronics established the "Emergency Department" Here's what our members ongoing Fire Fire simulation exercise training.
Hua bao Electronics Emergency department was established to strengthen the awareness of fire prevention, fire department members are simulation exercises conducted firefighting training.




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