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Service concept: efficient, professional, customer-oriented, customer satisfaction

24-hour service hotline: 0757-83353452

First, the service commitment:
Thanks for your interest in Foshan City, Compal Electronics factory and choose our products, I plant in the customer first, service-oriented principles, make the following solemn service commitment:
1, since within two years from the date of delivery, any product quality problems (including maintenance spare parts), free maintenance.
2, the product life-long follow-up service, two years later (out of warranty), any product quality problems (including spare parts for maintenance), repair of replacement parts only charge fees.
3, since the delivery date until the warranty period, mailing costs incurred due to product maintenance according to the respective parties expressly assume responsibility provisions.
4, the following are not covered under warranty:
(1) because they do not care when installing the product casing cause scratches, damage caused by a fall.
(2) Failing to install wiring due to commissioning a more serious cause product damage.
(3) Due to force majeure and damage caused by natural disasters (such as lightning, flooding, etc.).
(4) Due to the damage caused by vandalism.
Second, the technical service commitments:
1, to provide construction and related wiring diagram manual for your company, your company can Daipei free engineering and technical personnel.
2, free help your company to complete the design and troubleshooting.
3, during the project construction and installation, your company in case of inability to deal with technical issues, I can plant their technical guidance, if necessary, can send your technical staff to conduct on-site guidance to assist system debugging your side, (the costs are negotiable) .
4, personal tracking aftermarket products use the situation and provide 24-hour hotline service.



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